John Ndungu

Software Engineer

John Ndungu is a software engineer and analyst based in St Louis and It’s his belief that there is nothing better than doing what someone loves on a daily basis, that’s why developing is more than a career but a way to provide solutions to problems in the everchanging world. He is a graduate with a bachelors in IT from University of Missouri St Louis and has also attended Launchcode developer boot camp. He is adept in SQL, Java, JavaScript, Python and .NET, in addition, he has a solid background as a sharepoint admin. He is the type of person that gladly welcomes challenges, for as he sees it, it’s the only way to gain new skills and knowledge.

Christopher Chege

Network and Security Analyst

Christopher Chege is an IT professional with experience in cyber security and network support. He has a strong understanding of network architecture and administration as well as Cisco technologies in general. He has proven adept at handling user complaints, troubleshooting, diagnosing problems, explaining network issues in both technical and laymen’s terms. Christopher is the type of person that thrives on challenges because according to him there is nothing better than confronting the security challenges facing the modern world, whether it’s through penetration testing or configuring whole systems. He has much expertise to offer concerning social engineering tests, physical security reviews, and system improvements. When it comes to IOT and automation he shows his skills by deploying projects with various micro-controller kits not forgetting the famous raspberry pi.

Hiram Njogu

Software Engineer

Hiram is one of our lead software engineers with an education background in computer science from the University of Missouri - Columbia and four plus years of experience working in a corporate environment. He brings years of experience building and designing distributed applications, databases and configuring software infrastructures. Throughout the years, he has found a passion for developing software in spring Boot framework, NodeJS, React and working with relational databases. As technology advances, Hiram is always seeking to advance his skills, largely through his personal pet projects.